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The founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba, was born in Tanabe, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan December 14 1883. Born as the only son to a wealthy landowner, Morihei`s childhood martial education first consisted of sumo, judo and wrestling.

Morihei was also encouraged by his mother to study shingon buddhism, at the local temple, it was ueshiba`s mothers wish for her only son to become a Shingon (true word) priest.

Although later O`sensei would become deeply religious, but at this time morihei`s father, encouraged him with more practical martial arts discipline.

Morihei throughout his life persued the martial arts and religion believing them both to be connected and searched for his ideal Budo, (japanese for martial art), but with each school he visited he felt unimpressed, and carried on his search for a "pure Budo".

His search came to an end with the meeting of the famous Daito Ryu Aikijujitsu teacher, Sokaku Takeda sensei, the reviver and diseminator of daito ryu.  Daito ryu can acurately date its history back to the eighth century and has been passed down the generations from father to son, a complete blood line history.

Later Morihei would say of his teacher, Takeda sensei opened my eyes to the true power of Budo. Morihei reaching the rank of instructor, and being awarded the menkyo kaiden (full transmission scroll), he  assisted Takeda on his many teaching assignments.

The final person to have a major influence on Morihei and the creation of Aikido was Onisaburo Deguchi Chief priest and co founder of Omoto kyo sect, a shinto religion.Through deguchi`s spiritual teachings & guidance, Morihei experienced a series of visions, which reached their peak in april 1942 during the height of world war II, when the great spirit of Aiki, (Ame no Sarutahiko O`kami) appeared to him, and showed him the way of Aikido.

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Ame no Sarutahiko  O`kami

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